Film Analysis Of Wally Pfister's 'Transcendence'

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Transcendence is the existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. And Wally Pfister, Oscar winning cinematographer, showed this meaning in his movie “Transcendence” starring Oscar nominee Johnny Deep as DR. Will Caster, Rebecca Hall as Evelyn Caster, Paul Battani as Max Waters, Clifton Collins as Martin, Kate Mara as Bree, Cillian Murphy as agent Buchanan and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman as Joseph Tagger. The science fiction/action movie talks about building super intelligence, creating intelligent machines that could be able to solve the most incredible challenges, to save mankind and to evolve the future. This plan was made by Will Caster, his wife Evelyn and his best friend Max Waters in order for the intellectual machines to be smarter than any man alive in history of time. Evolution with technology. A group of people were against this strategy of evolution and decided to protest against it, they would do anything to stop the plan elaborated by Caster and Waters because they believed that evolution with technology will not be the beginning of the future but the end of it. Due to a tragic accident, Dr. Will Caster had little time to live and his wife Evelyn couldn’t accept the fact of him dying. The only solution was to input his mind and memories inside of PINN (Physically Independent Neural Network). At first, Max did not indulge the execution of this human testing but it wasn’t up to him to take the decision, Evelyn was the decision maker. She

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