One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Psychology

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Film Analysis: One Flew over the cuckoo 's nestPlot Summary: The film takes place in Oregon psychiatric hospital which is basically a mental hospital. It all starts from Randle P. McMurphy, a prisoner, being sent to this institution for psychological evaluation. Once he arrived to the hospital he was full of joy and happiness for being free from the jail. He acts if he is suffering from a psychological disorder or an illness to avoid going back to the prison and the movie is about how he interacts with other patients and causing problem in the mental hospital. This film analysis will mainly focus on Billy Bibbit, a voluntary patient who seems to be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and seems to have a specific phobia of disappointing or losing his mother 's…show more content…
Genetic is considered as one of the biological cause of anxiety. A family history of anxiety and abnormality in genes might cause or cause higher outcomes of generalized anxiety disorder in patients. Hyper-functioning of the brain that functions and manages the fear and anxiety especially deficit in GABA is also considered one of the cause of generalized anxiety disorder.Cognitive ? Irrational thinking might be the cause of generalized anxiety disorder. Patients with generalized anxiety disorder are found to have unrealistic view of danger. Many of them fear being in pain, harmed and have repeated thoughts of death, suffering in pain, being in danger and getting damaged mentally and physically in anyway.Psychodynamic ? Caused from our psychological alerting mechanism that arises when patient 's unconscious motivations clash with the conscious mind of the patient.Environmental ? Stress and trauma are brought to be the cause of generalized anxiety disorder. People who had negative experience might develop a trauma which might cause anxiety. Cause of Specific Phobia:Biological ? Malfunction in brain and brain chemicals. Genetic tendency to
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