Film Analysis: Rape On The Night Shift

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Rape on the Night Shift is a documentary about the sexual assaults that some of the janitors suffer while working at night. This documentary reveals the injustice that these workers have to go through because most of them are undocumented and they don’t know their rights. The experiences of woman in this documentary is correlated with the feminist theory, the idea of seeing women unequal to men and the idea of the men having the power to control women. Indeed, the documentary let us see the gender inequality, exploitation, and the de-valuing of woman’s work. We see the feminist theory in the documentary when the managers or supervisors sexually abuse of their workers. They take the advantage of them being stronger and being in a higher position to manipulate their workers. So, they force them to have sex and afterward they laugh at them because they won’t listen to them and won’t believe them. Which in some of the cases they believe it and don’t report it at the moment and when they report it to the police and to the company it’s too hard to get evidence. Like in the case of one of the janitors, she reported what happened to her too…show more content…
Companies would ignore the women’s compliments of them being sexually abused and receiving sexual harassment. Its disappointing because this companies where the biggest cleaning companies and still had problems resolving these types of problems. I think it’s unfair because if this same problem happened inside an office or in a higher position, the company would have taken an immediate response to this problem and probably terminated the abuser in that same time. I think these companies de-value women’s work, because they see it as a simple task that they don’t need a degree or certificate to do it. Most of these women are undocumented and most of them don’t know their rights, which companies take advantage of
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