Film Analysis: Real Women Have Curves

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Real Women Have Curves is a breathtaking film. The philosophical positions I had picked for this film are The Seven Principles of Simone de Beauvoir for this movie. The film is about a Latina teenage girl by the name of Ana Garcia. Her sister owns a textile factory, and her mother wants her to work within her older sister Estela’s factory. Her mother does not want her daughter to go to college and only wants her daughter to get married. Ana broke away from the traditional role of stay-at-home-mom, taking care of their husband’s offspring and only taking care of the house of the family. The interesting part of the movie is that her father supports her decision of going to college, and following her dreams and becoming on what she believes on what she wants to be. However, his other belief about her going to college is that he does not want the family be separated and the family needs to be together. The Latina’s family traditions has the philosophical viewpoint that family is a union of collective minds, and should not be separate. That women are meant to be at…show more content…
The author mentions from her Sexual Initiation, that when a young girl becomes sexually appropriate, the young man only sees them in that way of only having sex with them.1 Ana has a boyfriend named Jimmy, and told her mother when she confronts her about her sexual activity, Ana told her mother she is more of a person, than a child factory for men. The author demonstrates The Mother, which men’s view of women should marry and raise their children and take care of their husbands, too. The author mentions on how that women have the feeling of “being needed”1. Her mother has this feeling within the movie. Ana demonstrates not all women have this feeling of “being needed”. She wants to be independent of herself and break away from her family’s
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