Film Analysis: Recovery Road

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Movie Form (Recovery Road)
1. Re-viewing
• The emotions, real life scenarios and the young adult actors and actresses are definitely what make Recovery Road a film worthy of watching again and again. A film needs all these factors to make a viewer watch the film again. Recovery Road definitely hit the nail on the head with this one, its young adult actors and actresses that appeal to the teen and younger generation and it deals with high school problems which appeals to the emotions of young adults.
2. Beauty
• The film is more than aesthetically pleasing; it’s blissful, it’s heart felt and so much more. Where viewers watch the film could change the quality of photography, color, sound, music, performance and special effects. Almost all aspects were okay, good or exceptionally great. One particular scene is when the authors presents side clips of past decision the main actress (Maddie) has made, viewers see just a glimpse into what has previously happened and just exactly how she got her bad reputation. These shorts clips allow viewers to get just enough of a glimpse to see how easily it is to get a bad reputation and it allowed viewers to see the beauty in special effects, photography and much more.
3. Unity
• The second best thing this film brings to the table is order. The
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A film without emotions or situations to be overcome is no film at all. Recovery Road definitely a film full of emotions including sadness and happiness. At the end of the film viewers feel relieved and overjoyed because not only did Maddie finally take part in the group sessions and trying to get sober, she made friends who’ve helped her along the way. It makes viewers curious if she ever fully got sober but it does end on a good note, viewers realize how far Maddie has come and they see that even though she made bad decisions she’s making good ones and working towards bettering her
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