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REVOLUTIONARY ROAD This film tells a terrible story of disillusionment. Based on Richard Yates's magnificent first novel, Revolutionary Road opens in the apparent innocence of the mid-1950s, ushering us into a suburbia of large finned automobiles, clapboard houses and lush, manicured lawns. Two young people meet at a party, get married, have kids and set up house. He has an office job in the city, she does the housework: and both become demoralised by the routine. A life of quiet desperation stretches before them – can they save themselves, or will that desperation just keep getting louder? Either way, it makes for a compulsive and agonising spectacle. When we meet the story's couple, Frank and April Wheeler, the air between them is already…show more content…
As the stereotypical closeted housewife of the 50s, April makes for an easy sympathetic figure, but that’s not all that she is. Winslet’s character in the film reflects a truly multidimensional female character. To Winslet’s credit, April’s optimism is as visceral as her desperation, her blind devotion to Frank is as convincing as her eventual vengeful betrayal of her husband and her guilt over not finding complete fulfilment through motherhood is as heartbreaking as her lonely domestic imprisonment. On top of all this, Winslet takes everything DiCaprio can throw at her without ever falling out of the frame. Simply put, she’s extraordinary. Ergo, I would conclude by saying that Revolutionary Road by Sam Mendes is a moment- to – moment autopsy of marriage on the rocks and an indictment of the American Dream gone sour. The film is a tough road well worth travelling as it portrays a realistic and a slightly less exaggerated version of the concept of love. It talks about those harsh realities that we don’t encounter in Disney movies with which we have grown up with. It beautifully depicts the verity of the complex relations of a married couple and how their circumstances make them fall out of

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