Film Analysis: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a film adaptation of a comic book series which is a patronage to millennials, twenty and thirty somethings, featuring the title character Scott Pilgrim, the stereotypical millennial. He lives across the street from the house in which he grew up, he’s a jobless musician living gig to gig, playing arcade games, and has a wide variety of trivial knowledge about videogames. He meets a girl, another stereotype of millennials, and falls in love with her, with which the girl is fine with except there’s a catch: he must defeat her seven evil exes in order to date her. Each fight and battle is choreographed to reflect a different genre of classic videogames. The fight scene between Scott Pilgrim’s band, the Sex Bob-Omb,…show more content…
Firstly, the Twins have literally an entire wall of Amps behind them, with so much noise going off at once it is actually likely that they may do damage to the structural integrality of the building, especially considering the condition it is already in. Secondly we now have a clear differentiation between the two sides, the Twins being bathed in a sunlight orange backlight, suggesting warmth, contrary to their positions and looks, while the Sex-Bob-Ombs are now covered in a moonlight blue backlight suggesting cold and calm complexion, once again totally contrary to what is actually happening. The Key light is a strong orange while the fill light is a very weak blue on the Sex-Bob-Ombs to establish the power of the Twins once again while also creating harsh and sharp shadows on them to make their faces look more serious. The strong orange backlight on the Twins is used with a very weak light blue key and fill light to make the Sex-Bob-Ombs seems much weaker and emphasize their use of natural and organic musical elements, due to that light being produced by the moon and not the Sex-Bob-Ombs themselves, while the J/K-pop industry is infamous for having an extremely corporate approach to music. The colors of each side are also supposed to suggest their respective content matter as a genre, with the Alternative Indie Rock Sex-Bob-Ombs signing about sad things, while the J(K)-pop Twins are probably more about being happy and being yourself
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