Film Analysis: The Babadook

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The Babadook manifests as a mixture of dark emotions such as anger and misery directed at the main protagonist, Amelia. Depicted as a monster from a mysteriously appearing children’s book, the powers of the Babadook grow stronger from Amelia’s denial of the loss of her husband. Due to the loss of her soon to be a father and love of her life, Amelia cannot get over the fact that her husband is gone. At the same time, she has an unspoken yet apparent resentment for her own son Samuel who, along with Amelia, survived the car crash. Throughout the film, her resentment and grief grow a lot more evident because of the overwhelming influence of the Babadook. Throughout the entire film, the death of Oscar is frequently shown in an attempt to display the impact of his passing on Amelia. Because his death is centralized around a vehicle, one of the scene I have chosen to analyze is one of three scenes we see of Amelia and Sam in a car. In the scene, Amelia picks Sam up from his Aunt Claire’s house because he is scaring her daughter by talking to the air.…show more content…
The two are at Claire’s daughter’s, Ruby, birthday party when there is a conflict between Sam and Ruby. While hiding out in Ruby’s treehouse, Sam is confronted by her and is angered by her harsh words. He pushes her which sends her flying out of the treehouse and breaking her nose. Shocked and embarrassed, Amelia grabs him and leaves. On the way home, Sam begins screaming about how Ruby does not believe him, and Amelia yells back at him asking “why can’t you be normal?!” Immediately afterward Sam begins to look off at the empty seat next to him and begins to freak out. This freakout causes him to go into a febrile convulsion which is caused by the brain overheating. Not only is Amelia being stressed out from the so-called Babadook, but so is Sam. This scene builds onto the first car scene as the tension continues to
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