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The movie was entitled “The Cassandra Crossing” released on 1976 and directed by George Pan Cosmatos. The actors in the movie are Richard Harris as Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain, Sophia Loren as Jennifer Chamberlain, Burt Lancaster as Colonel Stephen Mackenzie, and Ingrid Thulin as Dr. Elena Stradner. It started when three terrorist tried to blow up the U.S. mission at the International Health Organization but they failed because one of them was shot by the security, the other one escapes and the last was hospitalized because he got infected by a highly contagious pneumonic plague as diagnosed by Dr. Elena Stradner. The terrorist got infected by the plague because he entered a no entry room that contains pneumonic plague germs. The other terrorists who escapes takes the train from Geneva to Stockholm. Dr. Stradner suggested that the train should be stopped so that the terrorist can be removed from it…show more content…
Chamberlain tried to suggest to Colonel Mackenzie to stop the train because the second class section was not infected and be isolated from the infected section but the Colonel doesn’t agree to that suggestion. Dr. Stradner then found out that the infected dog that was sent to them is finally recovering and also the infected passengers in the train. She then concluded that it must be the oxygen that was placed inside the train. The Colonel doesn’t want to stop the train because if the Cassandra Crossing collapses with the train, there will be no sign that the U.S. has been harbouring germ warfare agents in a neutral country. The passengers including Dr. Chamberlain and his ex-wife Jennifer found out that they will be passing the Cassandra Crossing which was an unsafe bridge that haven’t been used since 1948. They tried to stop the train because they will be passing by that bridge but only stopped the back part and saved everyone there but the bridge collapses killing everyone in the front half. At the end scene of the movie, Dr. Stradner hoped that there will be

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