Film Analysis: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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Death is infinity

The film derives from the celluloid strip on which the images that make up motion pictures were originally captured, cut, and projected (Barsam & Monahan, 2010). This film analysis analyzes “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. This is a hybrid genre film, which includes drama, fantasy, and romance. The main character of this film is Benjamin Button, he had an illness that he was born to an old man and he grew from old to youth. The film tells the life journey of Benjamin from a perspective of Benjamin and also Daisy, Benjamin’s lover. How he went through different life phase in an opposite way of normal people. In the following, I will analysis five film elements from three scenes of the film, and how it brought out the theme of the film.

First of all, for the railway scene, this scene is the first flashback of the entire film. It is a story about the clock at a train station. The clockmaker built the clock which was running backward to mourn his son who died in the war. He built the clock this way to hope that time could start over again. When the clockmaker revealed the clock at the train station, it used extreme close-up shot, low angle shot and tilt shot for the camera movement. For the tilt shot, it represented the abnormal situation of the running backward
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In different scenes, it used lighting and sound to create atmosphere that suit the scenes and plot and build up the character’s emotion step by step. It also used the motif of a hummingbird to bring out the meaning of death is also means infinity, because people’s belief will continuously spread. It won’t disappear because the person dies, it will continue to live in people’s heart, and disseminate to the others. This is
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