Film Analysis: The Dark Side Of The Chocolate And Trade Trap Ghana

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There are many fields, which plays important, part in world trade, one of them is agriculture. Farming or agriculture is described as a system of input, output and the process. There might be some feedback are put back into the system for making sure the farming cycle works well. This is a movie analysis based on the movie, The dark side of the chocolate and Trade trap Ghana, covering and connecting issues between the relationship of all agriculture and world trade factors.

Chocolates, has become one of the most popular food type and flavor around the world. From its origin in South America to the tables of Europe and America, chocolate has a long history. Since cacao trees only grow in tropical climates and requires a labor-intensive process to harvest, as plantation owners turned to the slave trade as a means of supplying cheap labor. Chocolate productions usually come from Africa. One of the examples is Nestle Company; they get their chocolates from Ivory Coast, Africa. Behind the sweet tastes of chocolate that we enjoy, the reality is different for African children’s.

The dark side of the chocolate is a documentary movie about the
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This documentary movie shows how Ghana are desperate to trade its way out of poverty. As they strive to pay foreign debt, the only way to pay their money is through exportation. This documentary movie, discusses the impact of globalization on the people and policy makers of Ghana. Augustine Adongo is the chief executive of the Federation of Associations Of Ghanaian Exporters. His job is to help Ghana manufactures, particularly that involved in agriculture, to gain a bigger share of the international trade market. But there has been barriers made by the European Union that made the task more difficult. Where the local market cant compete against markets from other countries, for example United States, where Ghana markets are flooded and cant compete with subsidized American

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