Film Analysis: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoos

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The girl with the dragon tattoo, which has a direct translation of the title “men that hate women”, is a movie that was released in 2011 as an adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Swedish novel. David Fincher directs the movie and the movie illustrates real life effects of sexual violence on victims and survivors. The main character is Lisbet Salander, a gothic computer hacker with a huge dragon tattoo and a criminal background, which has disabled access to manage her own finances. Her guardian becomes critically ill and she is assigned to Nils Bjurman who is her parole officer. He violently rapes Salander abusing his power over her through threats and abuse. A disgraced Journalist (Mikael Blomkvist) of millennium magazine accepts to investigate on a case requested by an industrialist (Frode) to find his niece who went missing 40years ago, in return to receive the reward of his name being cleared. Salander is brought into this case by Frode to investigate this mysterious disappearance, which eventually reveals secrets of rape, murder and abuse in the family. Eventually, Harriet is found and it is learnt that she changed her identity and fled in order to escape her sexually abusive father and brother. This…show more content…
These characteristics are commonly used by sadistic serial killers. In the movie, he tells Blomkvist (the journalist) that he is “more of a serial rapist than a serial murderer and most of all a serial kidnapper.” He is a rich and smart man who lives in an isolated area and once he has killed the women he dumps them at sea in order to hide his crime. I describe Martin as a serial murderer because he has a list of women who he has killed by strangling them. He enjoys torturing these women. Meloy et al, (2004) suggest that the word serial is applicable for those who kill three or more victims using some form of
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