Film Analysis: The Hero's End

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In the movie, "The World's End", directed by Edgar Wright, Gary King has to face his past as he goes back to his hometown to face a forgotten challenge within his Hero's Journey. This movie contains the Hero's Journey because it brings us closer to the characters as we watch Gary transform into a new person throughout the film, while facing his quest of the Golden Mile Pub Crawl. While we learn different things about the characters from the movie, we realize they fit into Campbell’s idea of the Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey gives an example of how a person, or a hero, changes throughout an experience or an adventure. Overall, there are three parts to the Hero’s Journey, the departure, the initiation and the return, which produce the adventure or the experience.
First, when we see the Hero’s journey, there is always a “Call to Adventure” that shakes the hero’s life, which makes them refuse the call. In “The World’s End”, Gary has already started his adventure and has given up on the rest of his
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It is called this because it is when the hero is close to completing his journey and is becoming a different person. In “The World’s End”, Gary faces wanting to finally leave, but is chased by the “Blanks” to the next pubs. Although, he completes the eleventh pub, he is chased to the final pub, The World’s End. There, he conquers his true identity with his old friend as they take on the aliens that control the “Blanks”. There, Gary completes his journey by completing “The Golden Mile” and by defeating the aliens in an argument. The argument causes the aliens to leave and all technology to be destroyed. Overall, Gary became a different person because at the end of the movie, Gary walks into a bar with 4 “Blanks” and orders water instead of alcohol. Throughout his journey, he had completed all the trials which he had to face. Thus his journey had ended and a new one has begun for him and his new
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