Film Analysis: The Hours And The Hour

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The movie I have chosen to compare with “Thelma & Louise” is “The Hours”. “The Hours" was evaluated as another great impact after the Sam Mendes that British film made on the American film. Also, I believe the themes of “Thelma & Louise” and “The Hours” are both about women trying to get freedom. “The Hours” is talking about fates of three women in different times that have connected by a book called “Mrs. Dalloway”, written by Virginia Woolf. They are very similar with Thelma and Louise, both looking for freedom. I will compare them in two ways to show how these two movies talk about freedom and feminism.

First of all, I’d like to talk about death in these movies, because this is the most important way for the main characters to get freedom.
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In “The Hours”, there are three plots that can be connected together. (new sentence) first is that when Virginia says “Today, I will buy some flowers on my own” (add in-text citations), which is the first crossing of the three women. After this, the shot switches to (close up) Laura who is reading a book named Mrs.Dalloway. She just read this part when Mrs.Dalloway will buy some flowers and find her husband has arranged a bunch of flowers in a vase. Next, the focus switches to Clarissa who will go out to buy flowers, and Clarissa is regarded as Mrs. Dalloway by others. The second is when Laura will commit suicide. When Laura is about to commit suicide, the shot switches to Virginia, she says she can’t die, and then Laura changes her mind. This part indicates clearly that Laura is Mrs. Dalloway. The third plot that connects Clarissa with other two women together is that a old women who is 20-year-later Laura shows up after the death of Richard. So at this point, we come to make clear that Laura is Richard’s mother. And the leaving of Laura exerts a profound effort to his son. “Thelma & Louise” are more traditional in this way,the story happens layer upon layer, one part pushes another part two to happen. However, in “Thelma & Louise”, it’s more influence than connect, the plot of “Thelma & Louise” is mainly three part. The first part is from Thelma
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