Film Analysis: The Invention Of Lying

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What would a world where there is no deception, and no religion, and everyone told the truth be like? In the film The invention of lying this world is show to us through the eyes of Mark. Although people may think this would be a good thing to have in today’s society it shown in a satire way that everyone tells what they think is true no matter how unkind it may seem. Mark changes this all when he lies to his mom about what the afterlife is like. The word spreads and people view Mark as jesus because he is able to talk to the man in the sky. This shows that americans lie more than we may think.
In the movie The Invention of Lying, the dating standards are satirized to what most people think when trying to find their love interest. This is show through the relationships between Anna and Mark, and that people look for things such as looks over personality. This is shown throughout the movie by Anna saying multiple times that she needs to find her genetic match so her children are beautiful, instead of little fat children. This is why Anna choses to date Brad in the movie since Brad is a tall attractive guy who makes a lot of
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The movies they show in the film is only true events based on historical events that happened in the past and there are no whimsical stories created for little children. This is why when Mark goes back to his boss after realizing the powers he has created by telling people false facts, Mark tells his boss that he discovered a new historical event that would be perfect for the next movie. When Mark makes up some historical event the boss can’t believe how amazing this event is and Mark writes the script leading it to be the biggest movie of the year. The reason the producers satirized a world of truth to be so bland is to convince people that lying isn’t full of sin and that we are surrounded by lies whether we realize
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