Film Analysis: The Mask You Live In

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The Mask You Live In, produced by Jennifer Newsom, published on January 25, 2015, represented by the Representation Project, is a documentary that summarizes how boys are shaped into men, according to society. The movie is intended on how most boys tend to hide their emotions, starting in early manhood, because society portrays men as being weak and how men should show their dominance. The documentary also portrays on athletic ability and economic success. Newsom proves in this documentary that boys should not hide their true emotions and they should come out for who they really are. The documentary starts off with a discussion on biological stressors, explaining about how the different chromosomes organize genders; XX is female, and XY is male. A…show more content…
Out of that 30%, one out of four boys binge drink, and those binge drinkers often drink to treat their loneliness. On that other note, adolescents, especially boys, tend to be more suicidal and depressed. Boys most likely tend to act out because of this by swearing or being more aggressive, to hide their true thoughts. Unfortunately, every day three or more boys commit suicide. That equals up to the statistic that more than 50% of boys do not seek for help (Newsom). School is a big difference for boys and girls. Dr. Pedro Norgura, a psychiatrist explains that boys are most likely to drop out of school than girls. He also mentions that boys are more likely to be put in special education classes (Norgura). The documentary shifts over the impact boys have on media and video games, stating that boys spend at least 15 hours a week playing video games (Newsom). Because of this, boys’ brains are being dewatered by these games. The most addictive video games that boys play, according to the movie, are violent. This statement leads to the statistic that 99% of boys play video games, 90% of those games are violent, and that 50% of parents do not

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