Film Analysis: The Midnight Mission

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If you look skid row up in the dictionary, the definition is clear: a poor part of town or city where people who are homeless or who drink too much often go. The midnight mission first opens its door in 1914, this area has been plagued with the same issues for far too long. It’s amazing that these types of issues are ignored by the majority of society. The midnight mission has a wonderful program to give people that are on skid row a purpose again. Even the man that took it upon himself to clean up his neighborhood. I think the definition should be changed from alcohol to drugs. Most of the people telling their story in this documentary talk about being addicted to drugs. It’s hard not to feel bad that there are people that do not have a home or people…show more content…
As some point our government has to take responsibility for helping people in these situation. They could at least meet with the people that deal with these situations on a daily basis, like the midnight mission or the officer that patrols the area daily. If anyone knows these people, it’s the people that work with these people every day. The saddest thing is that these people just waste away with mental health and physical health issues due to the unhealthy lifestyle. I just can imagine how to leave this type of life without support. The missions can only do so much, there has to be a way to help people live quality lives off the street. I love the people that put forth the effort to help this community, it’s admiral that there are people stepping up to help the homeless people. Some of these people are not just mentally ill, some just had strokes of bad luck, we all have, and in this stoke of bad luck they found themselves in bad places they couldn’t get out of. Skid row is not just homeless, it’s also for the poor people that cannot afford to live anywhere else. They have several one bedroom apartments. It was an effort of the city to contain a type of person to an area, and keep them out
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