Film Analysis: The Stickup Kid

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The Stickup Kid “Stickup Kid” is a FRONTLINE digital exclusive on PBS. This 28 minute video is a documentary film that tells Alonza Thomas’ stories of living in a California State Prison, and then follows his life once he’s released. The interesting thing about Alonza is that he was tried as an adult when he was only 15 years old. Alonza Thomas had run away from home, and lived with a man for a few days. When Alonza decided to go back to his own home, the man pulled a gun on him and said, “You think you’re just gonna eat my food for free? You’re gonna live in my house and then just walk out?” The man had a plan for Alonza to rob a Faststrip gas station. Unfortunately for Thomas, the plan backfired when his gun mistakenly went off. He tried

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