Film Analysis: Thelma And Louise And When Harry Met Sally

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1. Throughout the first half of the semester, we have watched various films revolving around friendship. Two movies that analyze friendship between heterosexual and homosexual relationships are Thelma and Louise and When Harry Met Sally. Thelma and Louise is significant because their female relationship has allowed them to create a strong connection. Since they are both women, they have gone through certain obstacles like rape culture, freedom and feminism that may be hard to understand for males. The film When Harry Met Sally is important because it shows that men and women can in fact be friends and they can show each other contrasting and complementary perspectives. By looking at Thelma and Louise and When Harry Met Sally, we can see that…show more content…
The different types of friendship that are involved in these films help further numerous philosophy standpoints. Philosophers Kari Kampakis, Richard White, and Aristotle, views can be seen in the film Thelma and Louise. Kari Kampakis expresses that we should maintain friendships throughout life. She states, that friends give support during difficult times, and that the need for friends grows as we get older. Richard White argues for the idea of commitment. He says that commitment means understanding a friends needs and values, and that, we choose the extent of the involvement. Aristotle says we need friends because we are social beings. He says friends bring virtue into our life and can act as another self. In When Harry met Sally the concept of a male and female relationship can connect to C.S Lewis and J.B Priestley. C.S Lewis explains that friends are shoulder to shoulder and lovers are face to face. This idea can help viewers see the progression of their relationship throughout the film. As for J.B Priestley, he believes that there are three movements in relations between men and women. These movements include connecting with the character, acknowledging gender differences and that there is a mutual benefit between each other because of their similarities and differences. This idea can help show the connection between Harry and

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