Film Analysis: Who Is To Blame For Obesity Epidemic

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Who is to Blame for the Obesity Epidemic? Most people have either tried to lose weight, or knows somebody that has struggled with weight. You may have even tried to change your diet in order live a healthier lifestyle. What if somebody told you it isn’t your fault that you are not eating healthy, or losing weight? That is exactly what the documentary Fed Up portrays in its message. The 2014 film is directed by Stephanie Soechtig, and narrated by Katie Couric. Soechtig has effectively convinced me that corruption in the food industry is heavily influencing the obesity epidemic in America. Like any business; the food industry wants to make money and Fed Up shows us the food industry is thriving. As Soechtig makes clear, a big reason for this is because of smart advertising techniques, and unethical business practices. Not only has the food industry influenced and changed the way Americans eat, but it has also changed the way our government has operated. The United States…show more content…
The documentary shows us the food industry has tricked consumers in thinking low fat and reduced fat foods are healthier for us. Through interviews with doctors the film explains when you remove the fat from food the taste also goes with it, and to keep flavor in the food companies add sugar. Fed Up shows us the effect sugar has the body by using clever comparisons. For example, 160 calories of almonds and 160 calories of a soft drink is compared in the film. Although they are the same number of calories our body processes the food differently, because in the soft drink there is no other nutritional value with the food. This causes our bodies to process the sugar much faster in the soft drink, causing our livers to turn the sugar into fat. Through the films use of clever animations illustrating our bodies as machines; the viewer can retain this

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