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0 Jean Gremillon, the composer Film critics and historians have long thought of Jean Gremillon as one of the most musical filmmakers. They have emphasized Gremillon 's distinctive use of music and the meticously constructed soundtrack of some of his films. They have also stressed the fact that Gremillon was a musician before becoming a film director. Born in 1901, Bayeux of Normandy, Gremillon came up to Paris in 1920 and studied composition at the Schola Cantorum. His first contact with films came when he played the violin in a small orchstra that accampanied silent pictures. Documentary-maker at first, he switched soon to fiction in the late 1920s. His more popular films are fiction features in the 1930s and 40s, mainly melodrames, played by the most brilliant stars of that time such as Jean Gabin and Michele Morgan, or by his favourite actress,…show more content…
I 'll show you one of the most stringing examples from Remorques. We can listen to the orchsetral music, the narrator of female voice, the chor, the wind, the rain. Such mixture of the sounds is a product by the collaboration of Gremillon and his musical partner, Roland-Manuel. 10 years older than Gremillon, Roland-Manuel is a composer who studied under Albert Roussel and Maurice Ravel. He is also famous for his insightful writings about musical history. Gremillon and Roland-Manuel made togather 5 films. Gremillon writess such graph on the form of muscial score, then, based on this, Roland-Manuel composes the music and constructs the soundtrack. This graph is about one sequence of Le ciel est a vous. Iis cited in an article written by Pierre Schaeffer in 1946. He writes about this film. This film makes the music speak, and it speaks all the better because this music has been associated arbitrarily with the image. We are far from the illustratition music. It is the material
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