Film Criticism Of Singing In The Rain

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For starters “classical cinema” are terms used in film criticism. Any film that was created in the 30’s all the way to the late 60’s. Dancing in the rain features Don Lockwood while he becomes a successful actor. This particular film came out in 1952 and encourage other films to be more successful due to this film. In the 50’s it was require to have excitement, extravaganza and a lot of dance numbers. Also they needed a lot of catchy song and of course romance. This film really provided with all of those needs. Films back then were notorious for showing luxury and high class. This film covered all of the spectrum when we are talking about high standards. Singing in the Rain has been called one of the best and greatest musicals of all times. At the time these films…show more content…
We also see a great dance number with all the girls dressed in pink; overall these movies were great in the sense of taste and luxury. One of my favorite dance numbers were from Don Lockwood when he drops Kathy home. He 's so excited do to everything working out for him he finally knows where he stands. This was due because one of his friends figured out how Lina Lamont can sing without using her actual voice. Clockwork Orange challenges the film; in the sense that Alex, the lead character doesn 't resolve his problem through out the movie. He is in a sense psychotic. For some reason he likes to see people get torture; his eyes say it all. He goes to prison for breaking into an middle age ladies house and harms her with one of her work of art. We know that in Classical Hollywood Films the main character always faces one sort of problem. At the end of the film talking classical Hollywood films they tend to resolve the problem. Alex eventually caught and sent to prison, and is volunteered to get released early. He goes in for a treatment that gets him out of prison quickly and makes sure you never get
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