Film Critique Fire In The Blood

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Film Critique: Fire in the blood. Manipulation of drugs so that giant pharmaceutical companies could earn profits using the existing system and earn profits on the cost of lives of millions of people by giving priorities to profit instead of people. Fire in the blood tells us the story of a genocide in which these companies used society and government to earn huge profits by violating social norms. This documentary tells us story of a sick system and a profit driven society and raises many questions like: 1. Why was government not able to stop this genocide even when they had drugs to prevent HIV or AIDS? 2. Why was society helpless and everyone watched millions die and actions taken were so ineffective? There are many such questions that…show more content…
They are profit driven industries and mostly depend on its shareholders. Improving health is not the primary aim of these giant industries. They are more concerned about controlling market and not on Research and Development as when compared their investment on advertisement is many times more than that invested on Research and Development. Improving human health is not the primary concern of these companies they aim on earning profit on the cost of human sufferings. The huge profits of these companies are based on patent. Patent is given to a pharmaceutical company for 20 years in this period company has monopoly on the drug so it control the market. This is given because it takes a very long period and a huge investment to develop a new drug.The market of these industries is the human disease and to prosper they don’t aim on morals but on profits. This is the reason why drugs are not made for getting rid of diseases but to control the symptoms of the disease. They earn their revenues from the ongoing disease. This tells us why such tragedies happen. The documentary also showed us how these companies extend their patent by hook or crook as in this case they announced that these drugs are only effective with the combination of some other drugs.After this patent of the combination is with them for the next 20
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