Film Technique: A Challenge Relationship: Film Summary

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FILM CRITIQUE : A STRANGE RELATIONSHIP The documentary tells us about how the western pharmaceutical companies and governments of developed nation restricts the availability of AIDS drugs to set its monopoly in the African and Asian countries . The documentary talks about the relationship of business , government and society in today’s world . Also the documentary talks about the neo – imperialists country , USA and how they dominate in the pharmaceutical market . The documentary also states the present condition of pharmaceutical market in the developing countries like India , China etc . The documentary also provide a glimpse of problems faced by the poor and underdeveloped countries like Uganda , where common man fought a battle even to…show more content…
The basic motive of the Pfizer is to make huge profits in the AIDS drugs against the lives of million people . But to cope up the high prices of these drugs Cipla came up with ARV’s , these are the generic drugs for AIDS . It is the combination of 3 drugs which help in curing the HIV . Cipla provided the generic drugs at the cost of $350 per person per year which was almost 1/50th of the price that Pfizer charged . This combination of drugs saved many lives in Africa and also in other parts of the world . Cipla not just focus on its profits but also on to benefit the society . This initative of Cipla leads to the other foundation to join Cipla for the noble cause . But due to some patents agreement generic drugs withdrew from the market . TRIPS(Trade related aspects for intellectual property rights) agreement forced Cipla to withdrew the drugs from the market . TRIPS again took the price of AIDS drugs to $15000 from $350 . Apart from this main problems in the movie , we also encountered some other problems and facts . The neo-imperialism USA is one of those problems . Today USA trying to act as a superior of all nations and try to influence the market of any product . USA also try to dominate the world market by its

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