L Arrivine De La Gare De La Ciotat

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The seats arranged in a specific pattern, the long hallways, the silver screen, the glamorous actresses in black and white...These were the words that described film in the Hollywood Golden Age, a magical time where cinema and film were the greatest source of entertainment. A few years after film was created, society started taking it more seriously. (Reeves, Page 2). Directors raised their budgets in terms of movie making, movie ticket prices lowered and more people started going to the theater and buying televisions. (Reeves, page 2) Motion pictures started to win them over. That is why society's passion for wonder and fiction led to the invention of film that revolutionized the way people interact with stories, creating a new source of entertainment…show more content…
Dying of curiosity, 50 people decided to watch the movie. All were seated ready to be amazed. However, they were not ready for what was coming. The film was called L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat, and it was just a simple 50 second shot of a train arriving at a station. Yet, the Parisians had a tremendous reaction. Thinking the train was real, they dashed across the room, screaming in horror, running for their lives, only to realize, it was only a projection. They sighed in relieve, and started to laugh. (Moore, page 1). The idea of film captured many's attention, and directors started to develop new tricks and illusions in their movies. Georges Méliès for example, would literally cut out parts of a movie tape to look like people were disappearing. (Moore, page 1) Film culture started to spread to America, and they decided that movies should have a story; a plot. Movies like "Camille" and "The Blot" demonstrate that. But it was not only until the 50s, a few years after war, that movies were a very big deal. "All About Eve", one of the first movie from the golden age, is the only film to ever win four oscars for best actress and best supporting actresses. The Golden Age was a time when movies started to become more romantic, more vivid, more glamourous. Actors were supposed to represent not what real people…show more content…
Since actresses were so glamorous and chic, many wanted to look like them. Women started to style their hair differently, and wearing new kinds of clothing. Advertisers noticed this, and as a result, they decided to use celebrities in commercials. Lauren Bacall, for example, starred in commercials for Chanel several times. Ever since products movie stars approved started selling more, directors started to use them in not only fashion commercials, but in other kinds of commercials as well. Audrey Hepburn was in a commercial for Galaxy Chocolate and Gregory Peck was in a Dove advertisement. This was around the time where business really started to pick up. That was when directors realized: the public will want anything celebrities
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