Film Making In Nollywood

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Abstract Film making first began towards the end of the 18th century and during that time since technology was not advanced the films were of extremely short duration and did not have any sound. But with technological advancement in the next few years film making became gradually advanced. Slowly films were appreciated all over the globe and soon found its entry into Nigeria. Films became popular in Nigeria and the local film industry soon became popularly known as ‘Nollywood’ similar to Hollywood being globally known for US film industry. As per recent estimates the number of films produced annually in Nollywood is around 2000 which is much higher than the US and India. With an average release of around 50 movies per week, Nollywood is far…show more content…
Even in revenue terms it is leading and in a short span of a slightly over a decade Nollywood has grown into a USD $250 MN industry. Nollywood employs thousands of people and is the second largest employer, employing approximately 1 million people. Most of the people employed here work as actors, producers, directors and as cameramen. Several other related jobs also provide employment to thousands of people – some of them being employed as make-up artists, production crew, spot boys etc. Even young people who do not have any formal education manage to get a job here due to the high demand and shortage of people. Some of key reasons for the success of Nollywood is because of the entrepreneurship mindset and increased usage of digital technology. The Nigerian film industry currently generates revenues of approx. USD $800 million annually and contributes USD $600 million dollars for the Nigerian economy. Almost two thirds of the film produced in Nollywood are in English which shows that the liking of English films in Nigeria and increase of export of Nollywood films…show more content…
This created an opportunity for watching movies at home and resulted in import of video cassettes. With the advancement and adoption of new technology the film making process became simple and processes of editing, music, and other post-production work were done using computer-based systems. This enabled the films to be easily made into DVD and VCD disks and could be easily sold at shops and market stalls. Average weekly sale touches around 50K copies and sometime in lakhs for a hit movie. Video cassettes demand have increased and is sold in large quantities as the price is so low that it is affordable for common man. Initially the Nollywood films were based on emotions and real life situations but the recent films have changed a lot and now is more creative and based on new genre. Even film making techniques have improved with the young Nollywood film makers who now go to film schools and learn new techniques. Even the Nollywood settings have become simple and the plots are easy to understand and relate to daily

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