Film Noir Film Analysis

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THE LOST FALCON IN FILM NOIR In written literature, writings that mention about crime is classified as “Noir Fiction”. From the second half of the 19th century, in cinematography, this genre is simulated as “Film Noir”. The audience will encounter with a crime throughout the film which is made by using this specific genre. Main characters in this genre are a criminal who is mostly a man, a female and a detective. Criminals are mostly coldblooded and ruthless. This behavior disorientation can be explained by their psychological problems, or childhood trauma. Because of these, they are mostly isolated themselves from the society. There is no one to trust for the criminals. They mostly meet an irresistible female and plan the criminal actions with this main female character. The female character in these movies generally is so well-groomed lady with their sexy dress, red lipstick and heels. She uses her sexual attraction to arouse the criminal’s interest. She directs his thoughts as she wants. Finally, she uses him to accomplish her aim or take her revenge. Last main character is detective. Generally, he is also coldblooded but he is the hero. Whereas, he tries to solve the crime puzzle and catch the criminal eventually.…show more content…
In fact, in 1940s, the main reason for using shadows was that directors must make usable some pieces that does not require a payment (“Kyo Sasaki”, 2016). Lighting and shadowing becomes the main factors in this manner. Most people scared what they cannot see in the shadow or darkness. Hence, directors use this human belief and they hide the criminal in the shadow, and eventually in these kind of films, director lead people to believe there are more details besides what we see in the screen. As a part of mis-en-scene, music can be used to emphasizes that upcoming criminal
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