Triumph Of The Will Analysis

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Alan Sennett gives more interesting insight about the power of imagery in his journal article, Film Propaganda: Triumph of the Will as a Case Study: Of particular significance and artistic merit is the aforementioned opening sequence that constructs Hitler as a god-like figure descending from the heavens through the clouds over Nuremberg to visit his adoring worshippers. The powerful religious imagery of the first part of the film surely could not have been achieved simply through competent montage of newsreel sequences. Riefenstahl’s careful editing of footage taken with wide angle and telephoto lenses from prepared positions locates the audience within the spectacle itself. One of the first feelings I had when watching the film was that…show more content…
Földényi and Michael Blumenthal’s journal article and compare it to what grabbed my attention as I viewed Triumph of the Will. Throughout the film, I observed the crowds smiling, waving, cheering, and chanting for Hitler. They seemed to fully enjoy being there and happily embraced the camaraderie surrounding them. The opening scenes show thousands upon thousands of happy, healthy people supporting a movement that promised a return to Germany’s greatness, success, strength, and a bright future. What continued to catch my attention was the fact that all people shown were attractive, healthy, Caucasian people with confident expressions. It was almost as if they were filming a commercial for a beauty product convincing the audience to buy a certain item so that they too could become like the images projected. Furthermore, if you buy into the party’s idea of their ideal society, you too will be socially accepted, happy, safe, confident, and well taken care of. Additionally, the context surrounding these crowds sheds more light onto the persuasive nature of the film. Six minutes into the film, clips of women with their babies and other young children, with wide eyes and bright smiles, are shown waving towards Hitler and his cabinet as they ride in the parade. These shots further persuade the audience that the German people, both young and old, adore

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