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American Dream in the Great Gatsby HU WEI 201305001263 201423370 Department of Finance Yun Nan University of Finance and Economics Contents Abstract: ----------------------------------------------------------3 Key words: ---------------------------------------------------------3 Introduce: ---------------------------------------------------------4 American dream: ----------------------------------------------------5 American Dream in American Movies: ---------------------------------5 Conclusion: -------------------------------------------------------11 Reference: --------------------------------------------------------11 摘要:所有美国人都追逐着美国梦这个美好的梦想。在美国,电影在文化中扮有重要角色,也是美国文化的一种体现.这篇文章讨论了美国4部 著名的电影,这些电影从不通过角度展现了美国梦这一理想。 Abstract: All the Americans Chase a beautiful dream ,which is called the American Dream. In America , movies play a more and more important role in the culture,as well as being a reflection of the American culture. This article talk about this theme through explaining the four well-known American movies: The Great Gatsby,Foreest Gum, Born On The Fourth Of July And American Beauty. 关键词:美国梦;美国电影;破灭;美好幻想;扭曲;噩梦 Key words: the American Dream; American movie; breakdown; perfect image ;twisted ;Nightmare Introduce Since 1776, Americans are convinced that they will get better life with great efforts and they can move towards prosperity with hard work, courage, creativity and determination. The American Dream has inspired young people all over the

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