Reaction Paper About Shrek 2

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2004 was a fantastic year for films with several incredible movies hitting the theater such as The Incredibles, The Polar Express, and The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie. However, the arrival of Shrek 2 to the cinema also marked the arrival of the greatest movie that had ever been put together and the movie was recognized as the greatest animation of the year. Many considerations had to be made before Shrek 2 earned the title of the greatest movie ever made, and it wasn’t easy. Shrek 2 ticked off every checkmark that is needed to be considered an all-around great movie and went even further with the more minute details to make it the greatest movie. Although Shrek 2 is widely regarded as a move aimed towards children, the greatest thing since sliced bread would still have to be Shrek 2 without a doubt, the movie is simply that fantastic. Shrek 2 opens up with a continuation from the end of the first movie as…show more content…
The soundtrack fits scenes in the movie like a glove and features classic hits such as Changes by David Bowie that plays when Shrek struts around Far, Far Away as a new man and new songs such as the award winning Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows that plays when Shrek and Fiona are enjoying their honeymoon in the opening scene. Although Shrek 2 is filled with many incredible songs, it’s no surprise the best song is saved for the best scene. I Need a Hero by Bonnie Tyler serves as the background to the most action-packed and thrilling scene. Several sacrifices are made during this scene with many characters choosing to stay back and help Shrek reach Fiona in time to save her from doing something incredibly terrible. The valiant sacrifices made by characters for Shrek and Fiona add to the excitement in the air as the audience is in awe of the action-packed scene that is multiplied with the use of a fantastic
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