Jurassic Park Analysis

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Jurassic Park is a film that was directed by Steven Spielberg which arrived to cinemas in 1993 and it was an instant success. This film was one of the first action movie's with animals based from the Jurassic period of Earth's history. Jurassic park is a Sci-Fi film that specialises in dinosaurs which continue to roam the Earth due to genetics. Throughout this film the characters are continuously attempting to escape from these creatures whilst attempting to protect each other. The main characters in this film are Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcom which all are archaeologists, which are all highly regarded by their peers.
In this film three main characters (Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcom) are invited to travel to an island, where dinosaur’s DNA is cloned to create live Jurassic reptiles. After they arrive they are given a quick tour on how Dinosaurs DNA was cloned to make them alive again. However, everything was going smoothly until there main security officer decided to go rogue and give off the ingredients so other companies can make dinosaurs of their own. Due to this unfortunate key of events the dinosaurs where realised to cause chaos all over the island, which then resulted in the main protagonists fighting their way to escape. This film was intended for teenagers and young
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After Spielberg made this film he went on to make more hit films such as E.T, The raiders of the lost Ark, Jurassic park I, II, III and Jurassic World plus many others. Because of his success in the world of film Steven Spielberg is the richest director in the world and the most successful director in Hollywood. Steven Spielberg revolutionised the modern film by being the first director to have mechanical dinosaur which lead other directors to use mechanics to use in their
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