Film Script Elements

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EXPLAINED THE ART OF WRITING A FILM SCRIPT Introduction What is a film script? A film script, or also known as a film screenplay is a set of written pages compiled by a format that tells the story of the particular film. Each and every film script has their elements of its own. These elements were to take a different form. These forms depend on the genre of the film. The elements are: plot, character, conflict, crisis, climax, exposition, and dialogue. These elements are like the structure to the film script. Blacker (1986) wrote, “The making of a script involves the selection and ordering of these scenes in the most effective way. The structure of the script takes into account the following: Plot- The ordering and selection of scenes to tell…show more content…
The elements are the plot, character, conflict, crisis, climax, exposition and dialogue in a film script. Exposition plays an important part which shows the audience every single detail to the audience. Detail such as locations, time, seasons and characters in the story. Conflict also one of the elements that are compulsory and need to be included when writing a film script as it is very important to lift the story up to the resolution. For sure, a dialogue also needs to be consisted in the screenplay, so that the characters in the film script can explain the storyline clearly. Without a dialogue, a film script would be just a silent film with facial expressions without any conversation. So, if the scriptwriter writes a film script without including these elements, the film script would have no story, no conflict, and no crisis to resolve. It is basically the power that drives the film’s story. Every genre has these elements. We can differentiate between a dark, gloomy atmosphere from a horror film and happy, colorful scenery from a comedy film. It is basically the blueprints in making a film script. Now, why is it that the elements of film script important? Can one come forth to try and use these elements? Is there a taboo that needs to be followed, where it says that there elements are a compulsory? Well, the answer is simple. All the elements in a film script are important. It is important as if it is the structure of the film itself. Every film script needs to have these elements, or else it would not be considered a film script. Missing one of these elements will result in a tremendous fault and may cause big flaw in the
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