Film Summary And Analysis Of The Film: Tikal

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Many of the items worn in this movie are extremely similar to the ones studied in class. They are visually the same and also seem to serve the same functions. I noticed there was a substantial amount of jade and obsidian worn in the form of nose bars and ear spools. They also embedded jade into their teeth and onto their bodies. There were many elaborate necklaces made of jade sculpted in extreme detail depicting possible deities. Garments made of feathers and some necklaces worn by the warriors made reference to axis mundi by having a number of “X” symbols on them. The divine ruler and priests depicted in the film are also shown heavily adorned, wearing elaborate headdresses and carved masks with different colors. What seems to be attached to the ruler’s back is a back flap that is decorated with…show more content…
Along with these features the pyramid also had 9 levels which is in relation with the different supernatural realms. In the film, as they are walking to get to the pyramid where they are going to be sacrificed, the captives pass by a series of paintings on the walls. Those paintings depict captives being decapitated and hearts being pulled out by people impersonating deities. The paintings in the film shares very similar features to that of the Mayan Bonampak mural, room 2. They both are shown depicting captives being sacrificed by rulers or priests also with warriors by their side armed with weapons. The bodies are also thrown down the steps just like in the movie. How the post-classic Maya were portrayed seems fascinating. I cannot say that every single thing was accurate, but in terms of objects worn and establishments, the creators did a good job of reenacting of what could have possibly happened. Although the film was gory, it may have shed some light as to how brutal things were in those ancient
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