Film Summary And Film Analysis: Super Size Me

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Super-Size Me is a documentary film, created by Morgan Spurlock. This documentary emphasizes the message of the risks of consuming fast food and the outcomes that fast food has on people’s health. Spurlock came up with this idea from a lawsuit that involved two young girls suing McDonalds for their weight problems. The presiding judge over this case ruled that there was not sufficient evidence that their health issues were caused by consuming food from McDonalds. As an experiment to see if these girl’s claim had any merit, Spurlock was determined to only consume food from McDonalds for thirty days and see if there was any correlation between eating fast food and declining of health. During this documentary, viewers witness the drastic changes…show more content…
He also embraces songs throughout the film, that makes a mockery of fast food restaurants throughout the film. For example, at the beginning of the film, he shows a scene of a group of children singing about fast food restaurants to imply how children are addicted to fast food. Spurlock additionally used pictures that mocked McDonalds and is proven among each scene as a technique to psychologically impact the target audience and cause them to question McDonalds. One example of this is when Spurlock shows one of McDonalds prime characters wearing devil horns. Another technique that Spurlock used to influence the target audience to trust that fast food is dangerous is via interviewing a medical professional who states, “obesity is one of the leading causes of demise, after smoking” (Super-Size). The night before Spurlock starts his thirty-day challenge, he has “the last supper” of a wholesome dinner that consisted of vegetables and fruits to show the target audience that he eats wholesome foods on an ordinary basis. In this scene he additionally shows a picture of Jesus eating McDonalds food as his last supper to create humor in the documentary. Another technique that Spurlock used was zooming in on specific items for simply a couple of seconds. For example, on
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