Film Summary And Film Analysis: Supersize Me

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Super Size Me is a documentary about and directed by the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. He wanted to make a documentary that was not just informative, but also entertaining. The aim of the film was to show the effects that fast food has on your body and your health. Spurlock wanted to prove that fast food played a big part in the increasing problem of obesity in America. He took part in an experiment on himself where he went on a strict diet consuming of nothing but fast food. For 30 days, he ate McDonalds for breakfast lunch and dinner every day. The rules were he had to try everything on the menu at least once and if asked to supersize his meal he must do so. He was only allowed to take 5000 steps a day as this is on average the maximum ammount…show more content…
Before the experiment began, they checked with three doctors; a general practionater, a gastroenterologist and a cardiologist to make sure he is in good health before the experiment begins. All three doctors confirmed that he had very good health. They advised Spurlock that the diet won't have a great effect on his body but nothing too harmful. They weighed him and recorded his usual diet and excersize routine so that they could moniter all the changes that were going to be happening. Throughout the experiment, Spurlock gained an enormous ammount of weight and became very depressed. He also experienced mood swings and fat accumulation in his liver. He refused to take any medication as he wanted to keep the test completely fair and consume nothing but McDonalds. 21 days into the experiment, Spurlock's doctor noticed a problem with his heart and begged him to end the experiment otherwise he could put himself in potential danger of death. Despite this warning, Spurlock remained determined to finish the experiment. At the end of the 30 days, he had gained 25 pounds in weight. It took him 14 months to lose all this and get back to normal, using a strict vegan

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