Film Summary Of The Film Mr. Moore Capitalism

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The topic, Capitalism, whereas government officials and the mass media has declared it as the best thing to come to the American society. However, Moore begs to differ. Capitalism is about taking and giving, which it is mostly about taking. The film focuses on the economic crisis. Thanks to capitalism, families have lost their homes and jobs. Therefore, Mr. Moore’s film highlights the economic crisis that has dismantled the middle class. The film opens with a family that waits for the entering of the sheriffs as they are being evicted from their home. Hence, the documentary displays how capitalism is the origin that has transpired America’s inequalities. Therefore, I believe that Moore’s observation is that the America people that have equity are the people that are in control of power, while the people that are without are forced into economic slavery. However, Moore suggest that Capitalism has not always been a crisis, which he reiterates the story of his life and further explains that his dad received a substantial pension and benefits. Moore spoke proudly of growing up in an economic bang that have expanded the industrialization. There were high taxes on the rich, which created lucrative jobs for the average person and also investments in education and infrastructure. The power of the union and high taxes on the wealthy created a balance in the system.…show more content…
They state that capitalism is radical evil and contrary to Jesus’ teachings, which they demand it to be
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