Film Summary Of The Movie, 3: 10 To Yuma

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3:10 to Yuma In August 1884, Dan Evans is a poor rancher and Civil War veteran. He owes money to Glen Hollander and when he fails to pay, two of Hollander 's men set his barn on fire. The next morning, as Evans and his two sons drive their herd, they see the criminal Ben Wade and his gang ambush a stagecoach that is being pulled by 6 horses and is manned with 5 armed Pinkertons as well as a gatling gun. Wade uses Evans’ cattle to block the stagecoach. As Wade loots the stage, Wade discovers Evans and his two sons watching from the hills. Realizing that they pose no threat to him and his gang, Wade takes their horses telling Evans that he will leave them tied up on the road to Bisbee. Wade travels with his gang to the town of Bisbee to divide…show more content…
Wade steps off the train and catches the gun belt Prince tosses him. Wade kills Prince along with the rest of his gang. William appears and draws his gun on Wade but realizes that he cannot kill him, and instead going to the side of his dying father. Wade decides to board the train and surrenders his weapon. Evans lays bleeding as Wade rides off on the train. Wade lets out a whistle, and his horse runs after the train, suggesting that Wade will escape from the train. The movie’s plot could be possible but we do not find it very believable. It is highly unlikely that Evans would turn down the $1000 offer that Wade had offered him as well as the fact that Wade decided to help Evans in bringing him to the train. It is also unbelievable that Wade had many chances in which he could have killed the whole crew, but didn’t. The movie as mentioned above also only supports the fact that the western United States ran rampant with factions that embodied criminal intent. It does however provide the audience with a view of the hardworking individuals of the west. The movie emphasized and glorified doing the right thing. That was also the theme of good versus evil. Some of the larger values expressed in the movie are honor, honesty,
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