Film Summary: The Lost Boys Of Sudan

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Since the human race began, we have been discovering ways to expand our lives and survive in the world. We have acquired natural instincts when it comes to surviving. For example, fight or flight is a natural response when we feel threatened by something. The Lost Boys of Sudan are an amazing example of what we would do in order to survive. The Lost Boys of Sudan is a name they gave to a group of refugees who escaped Sudan because of the civil war that was occurring. In order to reach Kakuma in Kenya, they had walked more than a thousand miles. Their trip started in Sudan then they started walking to Ethiopia. However, they had to go back and head to refugee camps in Kenya instead. They had faced several challenges when they were walking. For example, the constant threat of being killed by soldiers if they found them, dehydration and starvation, and being attacked by any animal they encounter in the wild.…show more content…
The children all hid under a tree a little bit distant from where the soldiers were at. At the time of the escape, many of them had no shoes or anything to cover their feet. Eventually, this lead to development of blisters throughout their journey to Kakuma. It was very difficult for them to find food, they mainly ate things that they could find and if they got lucky they would eat an animal they either caught or they found weak or deceased. Many of them had died during this journey due to lack of water or exhaustion which caused them to stay behind and become easy prey for lions and other animals. They even had times when they drank their own urine in order to survive the calamity. Along with all these challenges, they had watched their brothers and friends pass away from dehydration or watch them give up and stay behind. They learned to see some of their other refugees at paternal
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