Film Symbolism In Candyman

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The movie Candyman, is a mystery thriller film that was released back in 1992, which was directed by Bernard Rose. Set in Chicago, it tells the tale of a University graduate student (Helen Lyle) who, while investigating urban legends, stumbles across the legend of the Candyman who is a terrifying murderous supernatural being with a hook for a hand. (Candyman (1992) - IMDb. 2015.). The opening shot of the film demonstrates a flying shot of an occupied city, which pans after a street while cars drive around underneath. This is a typical opening shot for a Horror motion picture, the setting scene for the film while making it appear like a normal day in a regular city. This again makes the film appear to be more like general event that could happen anyplace. The opening scene likewise, provides for us the opening credits to the film. It comprise the names of on-screen characters and crew that are involved in the making of the film sliding in on top of the shot of the occupied city. The names and content are white, however the text style itself utilises sharp points and straight lines which gives away hint to the audience about the genre and flow of the movie.…show more content…
The symbolisms can be found in the white parts of the University of Illinois and Lincoln Town which appears to be Helen's neighbourhood. The middle class society world is overflowed with light and superbly organised with straight geometrical structures delimit the areas, reflecting free spaces that characterise individuals' connections to each other. The authority is characterised and maintained by male power, as depicted in Helen's spouse, Trevor, whom plays the character of the investigator and the therapist in Purcell. Underlined by enormous scholastic environment, this represents light, science and
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