Film Symbolism In Inception

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The movie posters mainly serve the needs of the movie makers whose ultimate purpose is to popularize the movie. They occasionally create several posters for the same movie. The two posters this paper analyzes are for a science fiction movie "Inception.” The first poster is a popular movie cliché – a silhouetted loner viewed from behind and placed in the center so that he immediately “grabs” the attention of the audience. Although his face is not visible, we still can assume that he is the main character of the movie as his name is placed on the top of the poster. He is holding a gun in his right hand and looking to the same direction which probably warns about the upcoming crime by uncovering his further intentions. This scene is typical to thrillers. The figure’s body language and especially feet position shows that he is quite confident. Leonardo DiCaprio is wearing a smoking which symbolizes formality. The background of the poster shows gigantic skyscrapers leaning from both sides of the poster and reflecting one another. Also, it seems like water is overwhelming the whole city. Correspondingly, the legs of the loner are in the water as well. On the one…show more content…
The whole poster is mainly in blue and white colors interlacing in each other. To consider the overall darkness, the first impression coming from the poster is mystifying. It seems like the deeper we go through the corridor created by buildings, the closer we will get to the light, which is often associated with hope, in this case, correspondingly, with an appropriate solution to the situation. The poster with ruins is chiefly in gray tones. So, to combine this color with the picture, it gives the feeling of discomfort and if the second poster conveys certain emotions due to the image, the first one, on the contrary, affects with its effective color
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