Film Techniques In Edward Scissorhands

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Edward Scissorhands Essay

Question: How has director Tim Burton used film techniques and dialogue to portray the main themes in the film Edward Scissorhands?

Edward Scissorhands is a movie directed by Tim Burton and stares Johnny Depp as the main character, Edward. The film explores a “unique” looking man in a utopian town where everything is the same and makes him stand out like a sore thumb. This is due to his unusual appearance as he has a face covered with scars because of his large, dangerous scissor hands. Edward does his best to fit in but finds that society will never truly accept him. The film conveys this message by using the themes love, justice and conformity which will be elaborated on throughout this essay. It will show how Tim Burton has demonstrated these themes by using movie techniques such as close ups shots, bird’s-eye-view shots, music and quotes.
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Edward is often the victim of people’s actions or is tricked into doing bad deeds. This is shown when Edward is tricked into robbing Jim’s parent’s house. When the alarm goes off and the door shuts, the camera focuses on Edward’s face to show the audience that he is scared and desperate to escape. The music instantly becomes faster and full of dread. This shows the audience that something bad is about to happen and creates an atmosphere of tension and makes the audience want to know what happens next. Once Edward has been caught, he is thrown into jail for the night. While Peg and Bill are checking on him the camera is purposely facing down on him to show that he is powerless and is the clear victim of the situation. Edward is also wearing a cap that has a V on it. When he lowers his head in shame the V is clearly shown and represents “victim”.

The biggest theme in Edward Scissorhands conformity. Throughout the whole movie, people try to make Edward fit in with their utopian town but he never achieves this due to his
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