Film Techniques In Elmore Leonard's Rum Punch

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To Ordell Robbie, protecting his money was his number one prerogative. He was never scared of being arrested, but losing his money was the most terrifying concern that made him cringe. Analyzing the novel Rum Punch, and the adaptation Jackie Brown, one can see major differences through the formalist elements but within those changes, the theme is never altered. Ordell is the main character in Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch, a fictional crime book published in 1992. Mr. Robbie is looking, to become one of the wealthiest gun dealers in Miami, and whoever is a threat to his money will be taken out. Fiction is spellbinding because the author has the capability of not being apart of the story, yet leaving the reader wanting to embark…show more content…
The mannerisms a character portrays by the way they act, and speak, conveys a message to the audience that engages them with the film. Quentin Tarantino, director of Jackie Brown, has the resources to capture the story in Elmore Leonard’s novel into a film. The dynamic dialogue in Rum Punch is complimented with imagery by the actors, who enforce those words through body and facial expressions. In a film, acting is not just what is being seen on screen, but acting involves actors memorizing a script, knowing where to be at all times, and behaving certain ways, even when some facets are not…show more content…
Once an author sells their story that they have written, they might have little or no say even if they do decide to work on the adaptation. Some take that leap, and Elmore Leonard did when he decided to become the executive producer of Tarantino’s adaptation of his novel, Rum Punch. His involvement in this process was heavily financial. Tarantino said, “Taking responsibility along with us with a creative team and backing us that way.” Serving as a financial advisor for the film, kind of fitting for Leonard to handle this job, since the central theme of Rum Punch, and Jackie Brown, is surrounded

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