Film Techniques In Lenny Abrahamson's Room

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Lenny Abrahamson’s Room follows the journey of 5-year-old Jack and his Ma as they transition from their cramped life in Room, the only place Jack has ever known, into the real world. The film demonstrates the unconditional love between a mother and her child while also diving into what it’s like inside the mind of a child and shows Jack’s viewpoint in significant parts of the film. Through camera angles and post-production editing, Room is able to capture the point of view and thoughts of Jack, a young child, while also promoting viewers to identify with him. Abrahamson’s skillful use of Jack’s voiceovers in parts of the film are one of the key techniques that convey this topic. In Jack’s narrations he repeats the lines “me and you”. When Jack mentions “you” in any of his voiceovers he is referring to Ma. “Me” refers to himself while also putting the viewer…show more content…
In one of the voiceovers, Jack talks about the different objects in Room and what they’re best at. When speaking, Jack personifies all of the inanimate objects in Room because Ma has made up this world for him so he won’t feel as trapped and alone as he would if he did just think of the utilities in Room as objects. This is the reason for why the film is called Room instead of The Room. Since the film is mostly from Jack’s point of view, it’s only fitting that the movie is titled Room. It’s only until later when Jack starts to comprehend the concept of things being real and not real but, even at the end of the film Jack still says goodbye to the objects in Room as if they’re real proving that Jack still believes in this world that Ma has made inside the room. The incorporation of Jack’s narrations really gives the viewer an idea of how little Jack knew about the real world and how impressionable children are, thus adding to the theme of what it’s like inside the mind of a
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