Filmmaking In Casablanca To Terminator 2

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Filmmaking is a progressive movement. As technology, traditions and times evolve, movies accordingly grow with them. From Casablanca to Terminator 2, many things outside of filmmaking have changed. In one final scene of 1942 film Casablanca when Richard and llsa are on an airport landing strip saying goodbye, there are no green screens present. The actual scene is on location. In the 1991 film Terminator 2, on the other hand, many scenes were edited through technology and green screens. As years go by this technology would have been transcended by newer technology that in term will push the envelope of filmmaking. Proved by this example alone, technology is more present as the years go on during complicated film scenes. Therefore, we can assume that the next step to filmmaking will involve the use of the technology available during that era. Technology is the most significant influence on filmmaking. In a decade of technological advancements, many aspects of filmmaking have progressed. Editing is the first element in the process of filmmaking that has drastically changed through time. From new soundboards to new alternatives in continuity editing, there has been a major increase in the variety of editing throughout the years. As editing becomes more advanced from gray style to sepia tone, technology has played an enormous role in this progression. Whether that consists of advancements in green screens or the creation of smaller more compact DVD’s, technology will

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