Filtonna Research Paper

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2.1 Introduction to Filtenna
A Filtenna is the integration between filters and antennas, where the antenna acts as the last resonator of the filter. Filtering antennas can be used to reject a certain band of frequencies or to enhance the bandwidth and selectivity. Filtenna can be designed in two ways: design the filter and antenna independently or using co-design both filter and antenna in the same time.
Integration of microwave components leads to reduction in circuit size, high efficiency, low insertion loss and low cost of the transmitting and receiving circuits. The Filtenna can be used to reject a particular band of frequencies thus reduces the pre-filtering requirements. An antenna and a bandpass filter are important components employed at the front-ends. The antenna is used to receive and transmit signal, and the bandpass filter is cascaded right after the
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The structure consists of an outer ring, an open loop-type inner ring, a circular patch, and three ports. Three transmission zeros in the stop band are realized to improve the selectivity of the filter and wide stopband. The measured isolation for operating frequencies is less than -25dB

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