Finacial Aid To Canada Essay

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Canadians, used to seeing leadership of technology in the hands of the United States and Britain, were suddenly aware that they had something that looked like the best in the world. 15:15
This quote stood out to me during the documentary, because of Canada 's recognition of their countrys ' limitations. Canada, because of their size and economic restrictions, relies heavily on countries such as the United States. The United States provide opportunity and finacial aid to Canadians as a whole. For example, many of the people who worked on the plane in Canada have gone on to the United States to do great things. It is unfortunate that Canada does not have the funds for technological advances, because they have the brains for it. However, Candians go to the US for innovation and to show their brilliancy. On the contrary, the United States depends on Canada as well, such as being dependent on Canadas 'real estate many years ago.
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The conclusion of production left many of Canadians to fend for themselves, while the United States thrived with technology and innovation. In my opinion, it would be eye-opening for the Canadians to see their masterpeice not being able to soar in Canada, as it would somewhere else. It is eye-opening for Canada 's political and economic state to see them coming so far as a country, in an innovation that could have greatly surpassed anything in its time, not be possible. This was a realization that it is difficult for a "country the size of Canada to compete in the business of building costly weapons of war." And even to this day, it is hard for Canadians not to blame the United States for the destruction of the Arrow. Even though there is no proof or indication of this, it is inevitble to not wonder if the United States had any impact of persuasion in the production of the
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