Final Argument Against Medical Marijuana

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Everyday patients are visiting their doctors in a desperate search for help with their problems, some physical and some psychological. Far too often in today’s troubled society a doctor is quick to hand their patient a prescription for a powerful and potentially harmful substance. The prescriptions could include drugs such as benzodiazepines for psychological problems and epilepsy, or opioids for pain. Both of those substances can have substantially dangerous and adverse effects and could lead to addiction and even death. Marijuana is a much safer and more naturally occurring substance that can be used for all of the previously listed purposes. The federal ban on medical marijuana should be lifted so that patients can have access in all states in the US. Perhaps the largest concern regarding medical marijuana is the question of its medical value, although it is now recognized as a medicine in 28 states. Many among the opposition of the marijuana movement argue that marijuana has no medicinal value and is strictly being used to get people high. This concern is …show more content…

The opposition’s final argument against medical marijuana is that marijuana is a gateway drug. Although marijuana itself is not a gateway drug, it may be associated with other drugs because of individuals who abuse drugs in general. There is no evidence that proves marijuana a gateway drug. However, scientists believe the addictive nature of individual drug users is caused by that user 's environment and personality (MIRIAM BOERI). Many people may choose marijuana first because of the short lasting effects. In conclusion, it is no secret that marijuana has not always been given a positive image, but cannot be ruled out as a medicine. Marijuana could potentially treat many illnesses and may even some day cure cancer. Medical Marijuana should be legalized for those who are responsible and could greatly benefit from its medicinal

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