Final Class Reflection: Asmai Matuchina

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Final Class Reflection This class has been nothing short of a truly amazing experience. Looking back after all we learned, this cumulative experience course has been one of the most informative classes I have taken while attending Queens University. Not only did we gained further knowledge of problems across the world, but we also learned many new ways to apply our knowledge. This simulation gave allowed for a solid understanding of how certain issues may be addressed between our nation’s leaders, and how important it is to not only know your nations owns problems, but its strengths as well. Going into the debate, my group had strong, supportive facts concerning the issues of Russia, but did not pay as much detail as needed to Russia’s strengths involving their economy and population.…show more content…
Asmai Matuchina brought insight and taught me of the struggles and hardships caused by natural disasters. Through research, we see a glimpse of the life of his people that was destroyed through the pollution problems caused by the tsunami tragedy of 2011. The natives of Fukushima suffering more than 300-billion-dollars worth of damage, losing more than 1 in 10 of any species of bottom-feeding fish to contamination, while problems ran ransack through the coast for five years. Furthermore, researcher on Matuchina was able to bring awareness to the country of Japan, as well as open a door for many organizations that may be able to help with future issues concerning natural disasters. Lastly, my character’s environmental issues taught me the importance of stable infrastructures and how Japan’s infrastructures in regards to nuclear power plants need to improve. Though we know the nation is trying its best with what it knows today about infrastructures, we still need to continue to grow in this area so problems like the Fukushima oil spill do not happen again with such
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