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1) Present a PICO question (it does not need to be your final PICO question): "Do hospitalized patients who are treated in Magnet-status hospitals have improved patient outcomes as compared to those patients being treated in non-Magnet status hospitals?" 2) Conduct a literature search using your search strategy and guidance from this week 's search tutorials: When conducting the initial literature research the principal databases utilized were PubMed, CINAHL, and Cochrane Database. After reading the "How to search evidence " Power Point, OVID and TRIP was added to the search. 3) Present whether you have to revise your search strategies or not with the reasons: Based upon the knowledge obtained from Research Methodology N5013 and the…show more content…
Keeping an open mind and being transparent when doing a literature search is key in producing a comprehensive and meaningful literature review. Discussion 5: 1) Read “How to search evidence” PowerPoint, and 2) discuss at least 5 things what you learned about searching evidence. Five points learned from the Power Point include: 1. Using professional databases such as PubMEd, CINAHL, Cochrane, EBSCO, etc. is essential in finding reliable, current and valid data. 2. Keeping track of the information found is also important so the you can go back at a later date to retrieve and review; it also assists in avoiding duplication of articles. Keeping good records allows the researcher to be more efficient. 3. If during the search of literature, the articles you find are enormous then you can limit some things such as age, gender, language, and publication years. 4. It was recommended to use the same key words, inclusion and exclusion criteria when searching throughout all databases 5. Based upon the topic of interest will determine which professional databases to utilize. Some database 's content is primarily healthcare issues, psych, and social issues; therefore, it is wise to become familiar with aspects common in most databases in order to yield accurate

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