Final Reflection Paper: Cultivation Of Bamboo In The Netherlands

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Academic Consultancy Training (YMC 60809) Final Reflection Paper Project title: Cultivation of bamboo in the Netherlands: feasibility study for Bamboebos Nederland Project ID: 1646 Student Names: Jean Claude Noel Majuga Registration number: 830923540070 MSc Plant Sciences Coach: Helena Kwaaitaal CPD Teacher: Stephan Nortier Period 3&4 2015/2016 March 2016 Wageningen University and Research center Wageningen, The Netherland Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2…show more content…
This course provides the insight to the students in order to help them to be the best employee in their future organization. It shows the way of working in the team which has the same objective. In addition, it integrates different persons with different expertise and cultures to work on the same project. In this course, I participated in different Communication and Personal Development (CPD) session. In this time, I wrote different papers such as Expectation paper at the beginning, Midterm reflection paper after 4 weeks and Final reflection paper at the end of the course. Currently, this is the final reflection paper. The aim of this final reflection paper is to look back and reflect on all learning goals fixed during this project process. This paper is composed of different parts such as general part, learning goal, things to remain in future group work and project, team goal, and mutual assessment. The conclusion will also closure this

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